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Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
Only reason i pack it away each night is that i haven't really got a dedicated area for it to stay setup that won't be in the way, even though I am country area with plenty of open space here.
Plus yes, in winter, nights are cold, getting to -10 some nights.
I am looking at one of those Nextdome kits to setup at a letter time down the track I think.
I have found the Commander program iOptron uses is much easier to setup than EQMod also, Basically just install, turn on and it dose the rest for you.
Just need to wait for some clear nights to give it a good run now.
The NexDome is a great Obs
Folk told me to put it on a slab , glad I didnít, mines on a deck 400mm off the ground with 4 piers underneath ( 3 for tripod , one for future pier mount ) Well ventilated , no dew or moisture issues and cool in summer. Surprisingly very few spiders and bugs etc..The deck was great for running services underneath, I have no cables on the floor area and can add and remove cables as necessary with my underfloor conduit system
There are a few tricks to know when building these, in particular the wall set outs , thatís the most critical part of the build.
Hope you get to buy one , youíll never look back
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