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Did you get this sorted?

If not, a couple of other things you may want to check:

It sounds like the 'RS232 to USB adapter' is working as Windows can see it but the wires/cable that go from the 'RS232 to USB adapter' to the telescope, may be wired incorrectly. This is quite a common issue. Check that the pin wiring is correct from the DB9, (connection between USB adapter and telescope), to the telescope connector. Or, if your 'RS232 to USB adapter' is the fixed type as in all one piece, then it may be the wrong cable to communicate with your telescope even though Windows can see it.

The other thing is make sure that you plug the USB cable into the SAME port on the PC as when it detected the com port. For example, if you plugged the USB cable into the PC in a particular USB port, then each time you plug into this same USB port, you will get the same com port assignment for that USB port. If you unplug the USB and plug into a different USB port on the PC, then the PC will assign a DIFFERENT com port to that USB connection.

By the way, ignore the properties of the Windows settings for com port baud rates, you only need to set the software application settings to the correct baud rate in your astro software. Generally the Meade telescope is set to 9600 baud.

If your still stuck and still can't get it working after the above info then happy to chat more, let us know.

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