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50 & 60mm refractors

I feel a bit of a fraud entering these telescope here, but technically they are telescopes. But they're free if you have a use for them. There are 3 x 60mm and 2 x 50mm telescopes. They work ... adequately. Somebody may have a use for them. The 2 x 60mm f/15 ones were obtained as I wanted to use the objectives in a spectrohelioscope I was planning - but that never happened. The other telescopes I was just given over the years. They all produce good images and because of their long focal ratio are almost colour-free. The moon and Jupiter look good and show details consistent with a 60mm aperture.

Firstly, there is a 60mm Meade. F=700mm, so f/11.7. It comes with a 1.25-inch diagonal and a red-dot finder (which probably works if you put a battery in it, which I've never done). The focuser is a bit wobbly but it works. [Taken]

A pair of 60mm f/15 - one branded Tasco and the other Optex. 0.965-inch (24.5mm) focusers on each. [Optex taken, Tasco still available]

A 50mm f/12 branded Denkar. Also a 0.965-inch focuser - which is broken (the rack and pinion are missing) but the tube slides and can be locked. It's actually easy to focus. It also has half of an alt-az mount - just add a base and tripod. [Taken]

Finally there is a Galileoscope - one of the plastic telescopes made to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Galileo pointing a telescope at the stars. It is a 50mm f/10 achromat and comes with 2 eyepieces - a positive eyepiece (Plossl) of about 25x (a bit over 1 degree field of view) and a Galilean eyepiece giving 17x and an erect, but tiny, field. This negative eyepiece can be used as a Barlow to give 50x with the Plossl eyepice (instruction on the web). Can be attached to a standard tripod and I believe standard 1.25-inch eyepieces can also be used. [Taken]

I have a couple of old 0.965-inch eyepieces and diagonals which I'll put up for sale later, but if anybody wants one of these telescopes and wants an eyepiece or diagonal (including a hybrid diagonal which accepts 1.25-inch eyepieces) then ask.

Somebody may have a use for one of these. The objectives are all in perfect condition. Not scratched or damaged in any way and all work as well as they should.

PMs if you have any interest.

~ Steve
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