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Great Balls of Fire! NGC3324 [fixed] in SHO

After the previous 3 months of some of the most appalling always cloudy weather, the last month I have been literally gorging on clear skies and with narrowband filters even the moon can not dampen my spirits.

Like a flaming canonball NGC 3324 [fixed - thanks chris] appears to explode outwards from the eta carina nebula

High Res on Astrobin

I've reverted to the straight TS flat here on the APM130 at 780mm FL.

Around 7 hours of integration taken over 3 nights (Carina setting earlier these nights). Could image a bit longer each evening, but I've been using the other 2/3 of the nights on a Prawn Project...hoping to get it well cooked in a day or two. Losing a few more subs than I'd like as guiding a bit more challenging at 780mm compared to 585mm.

Stacked and combined in APP mapping Ha, OIII, and SII in SHO and adding both OIII and SII as 80% green.

Then separately processed and combined the Ha OIII and SII layers in startools also in SHO.

To get more natural star colours (APP) I aligned the results from APP and Startools in PS and adjusted opacity till I got a compromise I liked. Final process to taste in PS using astronomy tools plug ins and selective colour mask adjustments.
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