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I have used data from multiple scopes before. Their usually is a gain.
Registar is great for that.

Use the DSLR for the colour and the mono camera for the luminance.

It does put a bit of pressure on making sure your framing is the same.

You may not be using The Sky X but it has this great useful feature called accurate slewing where it slews to where the object should be then takes an image then plate solves it then sends corrections to the mount to put the object in the middle of the image. It takes about 1 minute or less to do that.

Oftentimes adjusting the framing using manual controls is time consuming.

It would be a good tool in this instance. The only thing then would be to make sure the rotation of the images from the 2 cameras was the same.

Perhaps 2 pieces of tape on the camera mounting point would make that alignment very fast.

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