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A bahtinov is best but in sharpcap there is also fwhm. Just run short subs (0.2 - 2secs) with fwhm. Set gain high so you can see some starts and focus until it reaches a minimum value.

I haven't used that camera but others like it (asi224/071). For live viewing of DSOS I run 2-5sec subs at really high gain and line up the object.

Then I do10-30sec subs with midrange gain. You'll start to see something - check the histogram to see that's it a bit off the left side. Then start the live stacking - you can tweak the histogram to bring out the object. You'll easily see brighter DSOs within a minute or so.

Also there's now a manual for it

There's some great youtubes on it. And depends on whether you want quick images or nice clean ones. Sharpcap is more for quick live stacking

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