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How do I use Sharpcap to capture DSO?

Hi I've made a gradual transition from DSLR (using BackyardNikon/EOS) and very happy with my results so far, in the past 18 months of starting my astrophotography adventure. My equipment is a Nikon d5500, telescope is an ED100 Refractor and a 6in GSO550 Reflector. I use a HEQ5 mount and use a 80mm guidscope with a ZWOASI120MM camera that guides perfectly with PHD2 - Well as long as my polar algnment is okay ��

I've recently bought a ZWOASI178 camera to take my planetary shots and very happy with the results I am getting, using Sharpcap 2.9 and now version 3.

My question is how do I go about capturing DSO with it using Sharpcap, I'm finding it very difficult to see stars as easily as I could using BackyardNikon. I suppose I could stick with DSLR for the DSO stuff, but I don't really want to and really am asking, what are the steps involved in getting stars, in focus and the settings I need to look at in Sharpcap.

Any advice would be appreciated or if you know of any links that address a step by step procedure in operating the Sharpcap Long exposure feature.

Thanks in Advance and clear skies folks!
Gerald (Garnimoa)

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