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Some more keyhole area

I got an evening of really good seeing Thursday 29th of April before the full moon got too high. Two subs in particular were really good. Best I've got. Must have coincided with a period of good seeing and the mount tracking better. I've attached a 300s uncalibrated 1:1 crop of the small cluster. CCDIS says it's 2.13" for 300s and 1.89" for 10s which are numbers are get typically on a very good night. It usually is high 2s and 3s from my location.

Since I've sorted out the RA to track under 1" and the DEC is not far off now I'm hopeful I can get to the next level down of details I am after in my quest to get the perfect keyhole shot.

Shot until ~21:00 then moved on to M83 to get some more but the moon got really too bright and caught on the smoke haze. I couldn't find any guide star in the OAG so called it a night.

I have a full field here with the duo band: [1920x1434 -1MB]

and a crop with a color blend: [1167x977 - 573KB]

and straight duo LUM: [1167x977 - 573KB]

I blended 26x300s as a lum with color I had shot the previous week with the QHY8 42x300s.

and here's an interesting crop with added Ha from 2017 bringing the total to 21h and improving SNR to get more details.

NGC3372 duo + ha
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