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That's really not what's happening here. I already paid for a subscription, but it's run out, and here's the thing.

Subscription model software for astronomical software is a *terrible* ideal.

You drive 2 hours to a dark sky site in the middle of nowhere - not a mobile phone tower to be seen, get all set up, open your laptop, and you find a notification that your license had expired can you just drive half an hour back the way you just came so you can get reception in order to license the software?

No thanks.

As far as I'm concerned, the part of that software that I'm interested in, the polar alignment, *was freely available to all who downloaded it and if I'd known about it back then I would have downloaded it back then and would still be using it. I don't need the stuff he's developed *since then, as I prefer Firecap for that.

I'd more than willingly pay for a standalone sharpcap polar alignment app. But it doesn't exist. And as mentioned, I'm not keen on the subscription model and the stuff I need was released free some time ago and he has made some money off me regardless so I figure we're all square on this one.

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