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Here claimed a tiny bit of expertise, such as never claimed in any other areas especially astronomy. A born eater, getting rotundy large and larger, but can’t be stuffed fussing ‘bout food and washing up when starry eyed or needing to be minimalist practical. Happy as vegemite on the first two cases below but Case 3 answers your question… (all from camping and at-sea).

Case 1 Subsist. Various breakfast bars, bananas, other fruits, packet ham 1st day or two, carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap beans, cucumber, cashew nuts, sesame bars, dates, avocado, crackers/biscuits, peanut butter, banana cake or some other dense moist cake (with whiskey in it), water, coffee sachets, Safeway chocolate drink sachets (surprisingly good), maybe tea. If 3-4 days then ‘still no cooking’ pull-open little cans of smoked oysters, tuna, artichoke hearts, champignons, corn, asparagus spears.

Case 2 A bit of cookin’. Just a power point, no need for a kitchen. Use this to boil water for a cuppa first (plus store boiled water in a thermos, plus recharge a snap-trigger gel heat-pack) then cook in it then eat from it then boil water for washing up:

Use it for boiled or poached eggs, all kinds of soup, cous cous, packet noodles + veg. + packet ham 1st day or two then canned tuna or smoked oyster.

Case 3 Reheat from frozen
Recipe 1 Beef stroganof (heat oil/butter, cook sliced onion till transparent then remove off oil, add thinly sliced beef for a few minutes only, add a bit of hot beef stock/broth (or packet of French onion soup), champignons, add a little wine, bit of salt but lotta pepper, add flour that has been dissolved in a bit of water. Do not overcook, this is not a stew. Cook rice and freeze separately. Or add boiling water to cous cous. Serve with sour cream if you have it, or a little pack of yoghurt, or a tiny squeeze of mayo to get by.
Alternatively make a beef stew, first with onion, beef, a slosh of Stout eg Guinness and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. When meat half way decent add spuds, carrots (lots), celery, turnip/parsnip, bay leaves, mixed herbs. Thicken with flour that has been dissolved in a bit of water. Tip: do not just boil up beef, you need to fry the thing first. Tip 2: don’t boil the thing, gently simmer. Tip 3: best cuts taste worst.

Recipe 2 Spag. beef balls. Look up elsewhere but…. unless you want it to disintegrate into bolognaise, do beat the beef+salt+sauce+herbs+pepper+flour mixture about and throw it around until the fibres mesh up then shape into balls. Put these in a plastic bag and dust them with a very little bit of flour. Fry in oil to seal around. Then cook through in bolognaise sauce. Tip for all recipes: Carry Tobasco or Sriracha, it will liven up anything.

Recipe 3 Don’t bother. Just buy quality frozen crumbed chicken filets in packets. At event, shallow fry (taters too) or oven. Cook 2-minute noodles for 1 minute ONLY with half the flavour thing, can be with cabbage, drain out water, add a bit more of the flavouring. For luxury, make coleslaw on the spot = v. thinly sliced cabbage, thinner-than-match-stick carrots, tiny bit of celery, tiny bit of onion, mayo (Praise brand, not any other), pepper. To liven up other meals, use portions of fried-at-home bacon bits. Unbelievably, the best tasting meal ever was one time at sea the usually rejected party pies and sausage rolls oven-warmed truly tasted memorably more than excellent. Warm breakfast = crumpets! Use peanut butter and vegemite instead of butter. Other times/meals mash banana, or use avocado instead of cheese. Dessert/snack/supper/breakfast….. Heat up apple pies, ahhh… Custard if you really must, cream’s ideal –so day 1.

You’ll survive well, on the first two cases. Feast when you get home (usually, as adrenalin comes down, I can’t be stuffed so would eat the most basic and crash, happy).

May all feast well, on ingredients in the skies
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