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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Depends on whether your mount has various size counterweights as accessories
Skywatcher mounts usually have 5.1kg, 3kg and 1.8 kg

You can have too much CW as well and not enough shaft. I wouldn’t recommend having your counterweights pushed hard against to mount end either as you need a bit of play , they do flex a couple of mm

My 2 cents ......
Right now I use 2x 5.1kg counterweights on the EQ6-R with both pushed right to the end of the (non-extended) shaft. To balance East Heavy I can slide up one counterweight about 1cm for imaging on the western side of the meridian, and to balance east heavy for the eastern side of the meridian I need to use the extension shaft.

Total payload is approx 13kg. So 3x 5.1kg CWs pushed quite far up the shaft may work better from a moment arm perspective? Hard to say without a weight to try with
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