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Our science section...

It is so nice to see the word "amateur" added to qualify the requirements of content

If one is not a "professional" scientist up until our change an "amatuer" could feel unworthy or could feel inferiour they did not make their living from science and not tested or worthy because they had no experience, education or reason for participation other than sheer interest...they were deemed to feel their contributions unworthy......

all most reasonable...

and so..such that they must sit back and listen to the "professionals" rather than they.. offer any input...

I never felt the need to sit back and have honestly and openly shared my observations and research for the benefit of all... and moreover to allow all to place their scientific beliefs where they may..

Hopefully the inclusion of "amatuer" may help folk to express their "views" without fear of branding as a crackpot or nit wit... and on this point... what does a mans character and personal oddities have to do with the validity of an idea or its merit... it is so easy to attack the personal oddities... many fail to engage the argument or the premise that is confronting to our established views...but select an attack on character etc...most sad for the person attacking with such a sad excuse for a valid weapon to kill arguement....

the truth in the hands of a fool still remains the truth and many do not like that.... as truth should only be offerred by the like of Mosses or someone of his like...we do not enjoy it to come via what we regard as a fool.

To me it is clear that the scientific estabishement offers rather suspect views of how it may be...parrallel universes..multiple dimensions.dark matter...and the opportunity for particles to "pop" in and "out of" existence seems stupid to me even without the benifit of the math that will make it so... I feel such determinations are profoundly wrong....

and so as an amatuer I can say as much hopefuly without retribution... and maybe the inclusion of " amatuer " can allow a less constricted discussion of matters relating to science with out fear of any door being slammed shut with the closer proclaiming you know zip and that the world of knowlegde and discovery are not available to you to consider.

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