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Originally Posted by rustigsmed View Post
nice one alex, actually popped up in my yt feed and watched it last night.
Hi Russell
You video was the one I wanted to post. I had watched it days ago but when I thought to post it do you think I could find it? When the one I posted popped up I went with it.

There is so much excavation needed at various sites in this area.

I regard what we should learn from here is extremely significant but honestly I think there are those who really do not want to know I assume because these ruins paint a picture not envisaged by many historians and as you know we are "told" that it all started between those two rivers ...even the importance of the Sumarians to me seems to be sidelined and in my view they are more important than anything else..heck we owe most everything to them.

They are the sourse of most of the biblical stories for example and apparently gave us beer and our current division of time...the only hint I had in school was being told to read the epic Gilgamesh but merely because is was "the first book".

Their role and writings should be understood by all...not to study them is to go thru life with your head in the sand and when you study them you should be able to understand exactly what I mean.

The work of Martin Sweatman is particularly interesting as he is convinced the animal carvings at Gobeki tepi a similar site represent the constellations fact his hypothesis is that early cave paintings were about the constellations...and he makes a compelling case I might add.

And of course understanding the constellations indeed the zodiac etc is particularly relevant to understanding the world's dominant religions as are the early writtings from the Sumerians which fortunately are well preserved and able to be read.

Anyways they think these sites were pre agriculture which I find hard to accept as it is inconceivable that Hunter gathers would have had the time required to put these places this point the ruins seem to be temple like in nature so whether they had agriculture is not going to be confirmed or not from what is there I expect...although full excavation may point conclusively to how they made a living which may be found in lesser outlying buildings.

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