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Hi Petra,
No remote or even self contained Astro imaging system is ďfool proof ď or fault proof !
We always inadvertently make mistakes and so does the software at times
I have 2 off EQ6-R mounts at different sites ( one in Sydney and one on the South Coast NSW which is a NexDome) and so to keep things really ďsimpleĒ I use EQMOD and Stellarium for Goto and navigation, APT for focus framing and capture and PHD2 for guiding

I started my journey nearly 5 years ago with a humble Canon 600D , BYEOS and a 6Ē newt

Iíll attach procedures to connect EQMOD and Stellarium to your mount and leave the rest up to you ( both software are free down loads, you just need a laptop and cables )

Iím not totally automated ( semi automated ) and donít really want to be as Iím retired now and donít need to get up for work at 4.30am like I use to

For my NexDome down south , I use Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop and run the session from my study PC

My rig in Sydney is set up for a few weeks to a month at a time on my paved area near my pool , I use a 65 ltr plastic tub turned sideways on a little portable blow fold table to house the laptop. I have covers and tarps to protect the mount and scope when not in use, laptop and camera comes inside

I sent both sets of procedures to connect to your mount as Iím not sure whether your mount is recent or older than 2018 model ( models after 2018 have the additional ( optional ) USB2B port connection to use a USB cable in lieu of a Shoestring EQ direct cable. So Iíve attached both options

Hope this information is helpful

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