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You asked several questions so here we go
No money spent yet..

How to setup ascom. Go to the Ascom site and download the current version. Follow the instructions. Read the info on the website.

Cable setup. You want the one that does not result in cable snags when you are guiding or doing a meridian flip. Really important. Personally I donít bother with meridian flip but just move to the next target so you really need a target acquisition strategy and thereís various software tools that can help if you want to go that far but only you can figure out how to not get snagged. Itís trial and error, dependant upon your setup

I use whatever the current windows pro version is and then use Remote Desktop to connect to the pcs by my scopes and use maxim DL, FocusMax and Altinek for flats. Pretty simple. ( spending money starts here as thereís generally subscription charges.

Decide on wifi v cabled connections. Cable will be better.

Automate focusingÖno matter what. There is nothing worse than wandering down the hill with half a litre of port inside you at the dead of night and messing about with bahtinov masks and Manual focusing every 30 minutes. (Patiently waiting for starlight to get some stock..)

You donít mention observatories , roll off roofs or any of those other elements so will skip.

The ultimate remote set up generally involves an apprentice or YTS/YOP kid to do everything for you whilst you sleep. Good luck with that unless scomo comes up with a new apprenticeship scheme?

Happy to take any questions but honestly, the major pitfalls and how to deal with them are above.

Rather than asking for all of the answers on one go, work your way through whatís needed to get the outcome that you want and ask questions as you go. It will be less confusing.
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