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Cool Google PaLM language model AI announced. Hints at being very impressive

5 Apr 2022 Computers are now touching on capabilities nearing some aspects of human intelligence and reasoning. Dr Alan Thompson talks about the announcement today by Google Research of the Pathways Language Model (PaLM) neural network AI. It has 540 billion parameter language model, the largest ever, and is trained on multilingual data sets. In benchmarking it is said to outperform GPT-3.

Though not publicly released yet, Thmpson uses the questions and answers that appeared in the published paper and runs them through a text to speech system and for visualization uses an off-the-shelf avatar.

When presented with some subtle jokes, PaLM explains them and when challenged with some complex inference chaining questions, PaLM arrives at the correct answers.

Video :-

Google blog on PaLM :-
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