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Building a roll off roof observatory!

Just a few short years after getting my mirrorless DSLR and taking a 20-second exposure, I am now building a roll off roof observatory! I've gone from a gorilla grip flexi tripod, to a Manfrotto tripod, through 2 mounts (HEQ5 Pro and iOptron CEM70) and now taken the plunge of buying land in Bortle 2 skies in a quaint country town just 5 hours from home, and have spent time researching concrete vs steel piers and have finally engaged with a concreter to pour my first 2 piers!

It's an exciting and terrifying prospect, by far the largest investment in terms of both money and time in to this amazing hobby, and opens up a whole slew of topics to sink my teeth in to researching!

As I go, I will try to post photos of the process... to start with, here's my land, looking north... the tree is the only real obstruction in the sky, to a height of 20 degrees.
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