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Self guiding, off axis and standard guiding through a separate scope all have their equal merits.. I think if anything, the best option is how QSI did it with the built in OAG in front of the filter wheel... However, an OAG before the filter wheel, but after AO is a great option too... I personally think that self guiding has its merits.. Though, Im an SCT user.. If anyone else commenting in here uses a large SCT that does not have a mirror lock for imaging, they will know that guiding through a separate scope is not the easiest thing to do.. no matter how good your guiding is, if the primary mirror moves during a 10 minute exposure, the exposure is ruined.. I had good results using an OAG in front of my QHY8... and I've had a good test of self guiding. I found the results from self guiding to be better. although that's plainly just because I was not using any filters. I've just ordered a set of custom scientific LRGB/SII/HA/OIII filters from the USA. (Nb @ 5nm) will see how that goes... In the meantime, if the rain here ever stops, I'll give my 13nm Ha filter a go and see what length exposure is required to get a guide star...
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