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Originally Posted by icytailmark View Post
how often should you regrease a G11?
Depends on:
1. whether you've done it since new. If the mount is new and has never been cleaned and regreased, I would do it now. If it has already been cleaned and regreased at least once, see 2 below;

2. what grease you have used last time. All greases are not equal. If you used a good quality grease and the mount hasn't been wet or exposed to really duty environments, it should be fine for a couple of years. I'm sure there are mounts out there that have never been opened up and perform flawlessly.

3. Rely on your fingertips to tell you if a regrease is needed. The axes should spin by light finger pressure without binding or stuttering. If the axis feels like there is a section where it is tighter than the rest, the time has come to do a quick strip, clean and regrease.

With the G11, it is so beautifully modular that this process takes no time at all. The hardest part is redoing the worm gears every time.

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