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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
O.K watched this thread with interest. Can anyone explain how a HAD sensor and differentiate a thermally liberated electron from one freed by a photon?

My understanding on this is: you can't.

A high QE sensor is rather like a high power amplifier. Crank it up and you'll hear a "hum". HAD sensors bleed charge all the time...O.K. low noise...but the signal is being bled as well.... in short they never really hum as the gain is being suppressed.

Yes, it does take some work to separate the signal from dark current in various sensors, but the results are worth it.
Im not sure what your trying to fault/compare, but hey lets add that NONE of the everyday Sony or Kodak sensors use Back illuminated technology. KAF sensors lose heaps of signal as do the Super Hads.

Every camera has its place and use, the KAF series have a place, the EV2 and the Sony sensors etc all have their place.

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