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Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
Thanks for the explanation and also the diagram, I can see what you are referring to.
I have measured it up and surprisingly it is all spot on to what the manual says which is a first.
So what i plan to do is take the first adaptor closest to the camera and put in a lathe and spin off 2mm, this will get me to the spot on measurement.
I think it is the easiest way and also the cost effective way.

I appreciate all the help and explanations, It has helped out a lot,
Very much appreciated.
Hi Pete,

When/if you do that just make sure that there is still enough female thread left inside the spacer that you trim such that the male thread from the mating part doesn't bottom out and negate the whole exercise, other wise you may need to trim it as well. Hopefully not, as that wouldn't leave much male thread remaining.

And another last reminder (before cutting anything) that given the stories/posts one always hears about users testing for correct flattener and reducer spacing in telescopes maybe you should simply give your existing 102mm set of spacers a try before shortening them the possible 2mm to 100mm.

Over and above all that, I'd still try to reach out to some Esprit 150 users out there to get their stories of what they've used and/or works for them.

Are there any comments from any ESPRIT 150 Users for Pete on the issue?????? .....


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