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Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
Thanks for the replies and advice, appreciated.
Yes, i have measured up everything and the total amount of spacers come to
So i might be actually 2mm too long in my case as you mentioned, 78.5mm is the number i would be looking for then.
Based solely on both manufacturers' data, YES, but you never know it may work acceptably at differing spacing. People are always tuning their spacings: An Esprit 150 with that Flattener owner could perhaps comment.

At the risk of telling you how to suck eggs, given the way the manufacturers have specified their data you need to be certain your 80.5mm stacked adapter & spacer measurement is indeed from mount surface to mount surface and NOT perhaps from mount surface to the end of the male thread.

I will try to edit a copy of your photo to mark this - just in case. Added below. Required Spacer Dimension excluding Male end thread.

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