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Bit of an update:

We are still awaiting a development approval for our first shed at Swan Reach Imaging. The delay in approval has obviously set back the installation date. We are hopefully that we will have the shed installed and operational in February 2022 given how close to Christmas we are now.

In the interim though we are testing the site with imaging in our dome. So far the site is looking very good. In the last 80 days we have had around 77% totally clear nights and a further 6% of nights being partially clear. Given this data came from winter and spring weather that bodes well for imaging nights being offered at Swan Reach Imaging over the course of any year.

Transparency looks very good; we note that the sky looks very clear. Darkness is at 21.98-21.99 on moonless nights. Seeing is also looking very good too with FWHM values on data around 1.5"-1.8" on a regular basis. Some previous data at a another site within the International Dark Sky Reserve show that seeing can be as low as 1.3"-1.4".

I have attached an image of data taken from three sites (Clayton, Home and Swan Reach) but much of it is coming from Swan Reach Imaging. It is Ha data 780 minutes of calibrated and stacked data. Star sizes are native. Some minor processing has been done to show the core and outer regions better.

Exciting times for us and we are keen to get the entire facility and operational so that we can share those skies with clients.
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