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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
You don't need big long focal lengths to get decent detail in your galaxy and PN (or any other object) images, just match the focal length with an appropriate size pixel, buy the largest aperture you can afford, then be lucky enough to have some reasonable seeing, easy

To add to the other good examples already posted too ilustrate what's possible (I second looking at Lee Borsbooms images!), the following extreme close up crops, were all done at the native prime focus, 1120mm FL of a fast 12inch F3.8 Newt, with a small pixel camera, providing 0.84"/pix image scale (no lucky imaging used, just straight 5-15min exposures, stacked), from just outside Canberra, so reasonable seeing conditions generally.

As you can see, plenty of detail can be discerned

NGC 6872

Shapely 1

The Southern Crab

NGC 1566

Good luck with your (confusing ) quest


Hi Mike,
your pics bear testimony to the fact that you don't need
long focal length to take great pictures.
Of course you correctly mention lucky imaging as being an exception -
we only need to see Anthony Wesley's images with Barlow lenses added to see that.

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