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Originally Posted by taylorhan View Post
Hi everyone,

I just tried my first shot last weekend.
This time I want to do some modification to DSLR because cooled CMOS is so expensive!!!
Do you guys have any model suggestions? I found Canon 6D, 600D seem a suitable camera.
And as for the BCF filter, I did not see any place selling it here, how do you guys do your camera modification?

IMHO modded DSLR’s expose to much Ha , I left my 600D unmodded and still exposed enough in nebulas
Your obviously working to a budget and DSLR’s are a great way to enter the hobby ( I used one for over 3 years and now use it for planetary work ) but after a few years of dealing with all that noise , you will eventually buy a Cooled CMOS , they are incredible compared to the humble DSLR particularly in noise and dynamic range , chalk and cheese
Good luck with it !!!
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