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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Sounds very exciting
I’m interested to hear how easy it is when you eventually polar align your rig
Most thing are like an EQ6r.
Could not walk today so nothing got done unfortunately.
But everything (pier tripod and mount head are heavy) my assistant was able to lift the head but ot was way beyond me..I cant even unscrew my water bottles seriously I cant...well at least today laying in bed I re read the manuals . AND I made sure my DSLR was working and added a foot so it will mount direct to the mount..all in bed..I plan to line the pier/mount up by eye which is probably ok even now but then do a long exposure with the DSLR which will tell me with if I need to move the pier ..if it is ok or when it is in place I will put on the Polemaster and do my first alignment.. then move the RASA into place let things settle a couple of days and do another PA and set up the camera, cable, dew shield heater etc etc
Just hope Tuesday does not deliver crushing news..but if thats the way it is I will just need to step things they say work contracts to fill the space it is allocated.
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