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The paver bricks fell thru so I am going to have to pour concrete which I wanted to avoid to let the ground settle mainly as I dont know how they levelled the dirt..they probably cut down to hard clay to accomodate the water truck and I dont need to worry about the soil compacting... anyways pavers would have been perfect..maybe I can borrow them..I will ask☺.
So started early today and now have all the walls standing upright with a holding screw at each join but still have a few on the bottom to go but its pretty well done...happily my cuts left the top beams (that will be the track for the roof wheels) at the desired separation so all things being equal the roof should go straight on and the wheels not run off the beam...I will add something to guide them of course. ..Given the weight of the roof I am thinking I may have to build it in place either that or build a ramp and drag it up with a block and tackle...which I would have to make cause I lost my block and tackle in the bush a couple of years ago..a huge loss..I have two endless chains but they dont work well unless least mine dont..if not vertical they jam and it's near impossible to free them up...I suppose a giant tripod could work but thats not easy for me to put together by myself these legs are burning but I only have another day here so I am going back this afternoon and get all done that I can...I certainly would like to finish the roof.
So here is a photo showing the thing upright.. .the photo shows one wall still on the ground but its up now.
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