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Decided not to nail the roof up today as a bit tired and therefore prone to mistakes..but some careful measuring should enable me to nail up the roof...main thing is to think what goes where...and perhaps leave one side un nailed.
I will be alone most of tomorrow so it should get done..just assembling materials is a big job...I could cut up the insulation...paint stuff even ..maybe sand the least clean all the dust and dirt.
Like all jobs the more you do the more that seems to present...I could lay the carpet in the van ... anyways even if I wait till Tuesday to start (which is really the way of it) in ernest there are plenty of things to do..mmm cleaning up the mess I have made so far for example.
I figured I can at least have polemaster on one mount and see the pole by orienting the box North South...on the other mount I may have to mount the polemaster camera on top of the scope...anyways it is not the same problem that kept me awake last night.
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