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So the roof is all laid out on a flat floor (something hard to get sometimes) but given I have to line up wheels I am wonderinf if to leave it until the bottom is built...anyways more good news...I just scored some cheap but as new black carpet which can either go in the van or in the double cube...and dragged out all the insulation laying around and it looks as if there is enough to cover the walls and the roof...been looking for wheels for the roll off roof on Bunnings site and could not find anything perfect for my particular needs...then it hit two cheap skate boards from kmart or big w sholud get something under $20 each maybe even $10 and just bolt those wheels to the roof beams...I dont know what the roof weighs but I doubt it would be more than 40 ...say 4 wheels each side should do it...maybe get 3 skate boards thats 6 wheels aside and that should roll easy.
Have not had time to work on the aspect of seeing the pole from within the box but I suppose if I cant find a solution I could mount the polemaster scope on top of the scopes... I could do it via sharpcap but I do like the polemaster and am determined to get my moneys worth out of it☺.
Its raining here so may give it a rest for a while and think a few things through...Sun started to shine during this edit but I need a rest for at least 30 minutes.
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