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Thanks for the encouragement Leon.
I have spent a restless night as I have realised that when in this observatory the polar camera of Polemaster may not see the SCP and so ran various design ideas such that I went around and around...all that without looking at the scope on the mount...which I will do when the fog lifts...maybe its not a problem but if it is solving it will test me.
Cant convince the owner of the car trailer to go to town for materials...she unreasonably pointed out that she is busy until Monday...Tabby cant supply me so its a trip to Bunnings in should see the list☺ even with all the stuff laying around I find I need iron for the roof, coach bolts, cladding, hinges...cement ..there is more but you get the idea...but that only gives me one day to build it before I go back so that means a huge effort... I am going to build it at the house, shed actually, then take the assembled sections to the van site...But already the simplicity of this approach means anyone can build one this way...I am going to put it in place on chocks (rocks) to get it level and build the floor last which although sounding strange has various advantages.

I have denailed all the pine for the roof and hopefully will build it today..I am breaking the rules here as it is going to be fall really but to put in the slightest fall adds a great complexity ...its only 9 x 6 foot so I think I can get away with no fall...I mean the water wont sit in a pile in the center will it☺.
You should see this hard wood..the colour is beautiful..a really nice red...
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