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Did you end up getting this working?

In starnet became part of Pixinsight, so you had to click the wrench in Starnet to point to the weights file. No idea why they didn't do this automatically.
  • Neural network weights databases can be located at arbitrary locations (but they can be downloaded automatically; see below). They can be selected manually (by clicking the Preferences tool button, wrench icon) and their file paths are remembered across PixInsight sessions.
  • The neural network databases are now available as a regular application update through the standard update-db repository at After installing this update, the database files will be located on the library distribution directory:
Linux: /opt/PixInsight/library​
macOS: /Applications/PixInsight/library​
Windows: C:\Program Files\PixInsight\library​

click the wrench and select the paths for your OS for both the RGB and grayscale files and click ok and you should be working.

If you have an Nvidia GPU and like things moving faster, then this URL is your friend:

Hope this helps.
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