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Originally Posted by Zuts View Post
Hi, A very nice image. That is a heap of data to get on one object.

Don't get me wrong but to my eyes there is a magenta cast so the colour balance may not be spot on.

I see you are using PS, have you tried Startools or PixInsight. Both packages have fully featured demo versions for free. If you get the colour balance correct and boost the saturation a bit you would have a great image.

Hey Zuts,

I'm very new to this all (first real scope I got was back in Sept 20). I have heard of Startools and PixInsight and will look at them down the track - I like the "Blink" feature. To tell you how behind I am, I just loaded APT and attached my DSLR to it for the first time last night to test and understand how the software works

With the magenta cast.. I think that was maybe me wanting to bring out a little purple to my image... I'm very green and still a lot to learn and hope you guys can help me out.

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