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Hi Michael,

I use a modded 350d and have Vista....I have not yet managed to get Vista, 350d and DSLRFocus to play happily (read not at all) so I use DSLRShutter ...however, I have corresponded with someone on digital astro that reckons he has got DSLRFocus to work on 350d and Vista using up-to-date Vista drivers and Prolific USB/serial hardware

....I have also run into a problem with 350d that the serial cable going into the camera has to be popped out just a smigen to get it to work (there was a thread on Ice In Space that alerted me to this resolution) one less cable is a good thing...although I now have all cables velcroed to scope so no movement issues for me & when the camera doesn't respond, I just move cable out a smigen and it works....could invest in a new cable, but know...other things to spend money on...(or not)...

I can't compare to the 1000, but the 350d is a great workhorse for me and having worked my way those two hiccups I am pleased with the results that I get....

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