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I have similar noise and generally poor performance with the boards I got. USB is a differential signal, so electrical noise effects both signals and is not generally a big issue. The noise is coming from the board, but still possibly poor ground routing or design. I have a few very clean well regulate power supplies I've built over the years, but even a simple LM317 circuit configured with a tracking pre-regulator is super clean in this use case (I have two versions of this sensor, one with ethernet, one USB-supposedly-3), and it produced the same result. I've poked around the boards with a scope looking for the serial comms to the sensor to try and see how its configured, but never found it. I went as far as popping the eprom off the ethernet board (I think it was an eprom, I don't recall the exact part number) and managed to recover the firmware, and to my shock it very obviously contained components from another vendors cameras (in fact two vendors names were found in it).

The boards probably aren't well laid out, use cheap components, etc. A case of you get what you pay for I think. The ASI290 was 10x more than I paid for either of these (but also a more expensive sensor).

I didn't try PHD, but it never reached its quoted frame rate in sharpcap and randomly stopped responding so I put it aside for later.
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