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Image of the Week
IOTW for 30 January 2012
Image Of The Week
Bright red and purple Aurora Australis video

Taken from Flinders, this image is part of a timelapse showing Aurora Australis with the rising Milky Way, and the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Aurora's occur when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth's atmosphere. The auroras generally occur around the magnetic poles (not the geographic poles), but in times of high sunspot activity, aurora's can be seen in more mid latitutes. Click through to the thread to watch the timelapse - it's worth it!

Previous Images of the Week

Date Author Title
24 Dec Star Catcher Huge Arching Solar Prominence
17 Dec colinmlegg Tassie Geminid
10 Dec sjastro NGC253 - The Silver Coin Galaxy
03 Dec Martin Pugh The Flaming Star - IC405
21 Nov MarkJ Sunflower Eclipse
05 Nov philiphart Valentine's Aurora
29 Oct RickS IC2118 - Witch Head Nebula for Halloween
23 Oct Ross G Pleiades (M45) from Coonabarabran
15 Oct bird Jupiter from Karratha
08 Oct David Fitz-Henry The Dusty R Corona Australis
02 Oct alexch ASKAP Timelapse
24 Sep obsidianphotos Beam Me Up
17 Sep multiweb Lagoon to Eagle in Hydrogen Alpha
10 Sep DavidTrap Rho Ophiuchi near Antares
03 Sep StephenM Blue Moon Rising over Brisbane
27 Aug Grahame Nullarbor Startrails
20 Aug nandopg The Triangulum Galaxy - M33
13 Aug Martin Pugh The Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy
06 Aug cventer M20 - The Trifid Nebula
31 Jul John Hothersall Core of Eta Carinae
23 Jul colinmlegg Lake Ballard Reflections
16 Jul SkyViking Into the Depths of the Trifid Nebula
09 Jul stardust steve Plane Crossing the Sun
18 Jun Enrique IC2944 - Running Chicken Nebula
11 Jun Paul Haese Venus Transit Across the Sun in H-alpha
29 May Ken Crawford Eye of the Needle - NGC4565
21 May Martin Pugh The Whirlpool Galaxy - M51
11 May jjjnettie Supermoon over Lake Somerset
04 May Stevec35 NGC6231 - Open Cluster in Scorpius
26 Apr Rigel003 M83 - The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
17 Apr rogerg Silhouettes and Southern Cross
10 Apr naskies Star Trails over Lake Moogerah
03 Apr marc4darkskies Showpiece Eta Carinae Nebula
26 Mar TheDecepticon King of the Globulars - NGC5139
19 Mar Leonardo70 NGC3628 - Hamburger Galaxy
05 Mar obsidianphotos Southern Skies
14 Feb marco The Sculptor Galaxy - NGC253
06 Feb Tandum Eta Carinae in Narrowband Colour
30 Jan alexch Bright red and purple Aurora Australis video
23 Jan bird Early Season Saturn
16 Jan strongmanmike Narrowband Rosette in Hubble Palette
10 Jan RB Comet Lovejoy, the Christmas Comet!
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