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Hi all

I've just finished adding 6 new articles to the Projects & Articles section, all thanks to 2 contributors - Dennis Greeve and Michael Viset. Thanks for taking the time to write the articles for IceInSpace, so that others can benefit from your experience.

You can see the new articles by checking out the Projects & Articles section. Don't forget that anyone can contribute content to IceInSpace - you don't need to be a great writer, it's my job to edit any articles before they are published, so please feel free to write your experiences, your how-to's, your tutorials or guides, your reviews - don't forget to take pictures, and contact me.

Now is a good time to start observing Jupiter - it's reaching quadrature, meaning it's transiting at dawn, almost overhead for us in the Southern Hemisphere. Early morning observing and imaging can be very rewarding - the sky is usually transparent and clear, and when the temperatures stabilise, the seeing can be some of the best ever experienced. So get on out there and look for Jupiter - you can't miss it as the brightest object high in the East after 2-3am.

Check out the IceInSpace Event Calendar for upcoming Jupiter events such as GRS and moon transits. Check out the IceInSpace Solar System forum for images as our planetary astrophotographers capture and post their work.

If you're after an adventure, don't forget about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in China, on the 1st August 2008. I know there are a number of eclipse-chasers on IceInSpace, who already travel the world chasing the shadow of the Moon as it falls upon the Earth. From all reports, these are spectacular events - something you'll never forget and definitely worth making an effort to see. Eclipse tours can be the best way to experience this event, as you get to combine the eclipse with a holiday and share it with others after that same experience. SkyWings Travel is offering a tour of China that takes in the Total Solar Eclipse on August 1st - they may be worth checking out if you're keen to let a tour company handle all the details for you.

For more details about the Total Solar Eclipse, check out NASA's eclipse page with all the details you'll need to know.

Thanks for reading.

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