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Happy 3rd Birthday IceInSpace!

Well today is a very special day - IceInSpace celebrates 3 years of service to the amateur astronomy community.

It's been a fantastic 3 years with a lot of highlights and i'm very proud of what we've been able to achieve. Terry and I continue to develop and grow IceInSpace to give more features, more functionality and an overall better experience to the IceInSpace community and our guests.

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, today is the launch of the 3rd Birthday Competition - our chance to give something back to the loyal community of IceInSpace. The quiz is only open to members of IceInSpace who have been registered for 1 month and have made at least 5 posts. Head on over to the info page, and click the link which will take you to the quiz.

Thanks for many memorable times on IceInSpace over the last 3 years. My greatest thanks has to start with my wife, Kate, who supports me with my obsession and hobbies. I couldn't do what I do without her love and support.

Secondly, to Terry - the lead designer and developer of IceInSpace. His TO-DO list is continually growing with both my ideas and his for future functionality and features on IceInSpace. You really will love what's coming up in the future! But Terry is only one man, I have learnt to be patient :)

To the moderators, who give me a chance to step back from the day to day awareness of the many hundreds of new posts each day. I couldn't do it without you. Thanks for continuing to volunteer your time and energy to support and help grow IceInSpace.

And of course to the community - a community website is nothing without an active, loyal and ever-growing community who ask questions, answer questions, offer and receive advice, post their experiences and images.

We have something unique here with IceInSpace. We all should be proud of our friendly, non-judgemental, easy-going and patient nature which keeps people coming back again and again. 

I look forward to another year of milestones and continued good times with friends at IceInSpace.

Good luck in the competition!

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