Locking Down the Finderscope
Submitted: Thursday, 10th April 2008 by Dennis Greeve

If you own the two screw adjustment type  finder scope, this idea may make your day.  I remove my finder when putting my GS 250 Light-Bucket to bed.  The single screw attachment to the scope is perfect, although I added a third bolt to the base fitting to prevent movement, but if you should touch either adjustment knob, its a new set-up when using it next.

Fit locking nuts on the two adjustment knobs and you've solved the problem. The two attached pictures shows how this can be achieved for a few minutes effort. The original adjustment screws are too short to accommodate locking nuts so you will need two new screws 25 mm long.

They are metric thread, but don't despair, 5/32 whitworth is so close you will not detect the difference. If you haven't the facility to turn the new knobs and locking discs, find a friend who has. It's worth a dollar or two to make the change.


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New locking nuts

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Fitted to the finder
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