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Gerald Sargent
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modifying canon cameras

Have a modified Canon 20D that perforems well, but does not have live
view, asdoes my 40D. What is the merit of modifying the 40D in these
circumstances ? Gerald.
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Live view IMO is not a necessity, programs like DSLR Focus do the job quite well as a focus aid.

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Keep your modded 20D, you wont get much better than that, live view is a add on, and is not necessary.

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A mod 40D will not only give you the benefit of LiveView but also better image data due to the 14 bit/channel as opposed to 12 bit/channel on the 20D.

IMO modding the 40D will give you the best modded DSLR body for astro imaging there is atm.
The 20D is still a fantastic body for astro though, it's up to you to decide if the extra benefits of the 40D are worth it.

I've stuck with my 20Da because it has LiveView and am very happy with it.
But if I was to choose today, the 40D would be at the top of my list.

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Use the 20D with DSLR focus and a Bahtinov mask. There is no better setup than that for accurate focus and you dont have to grovel in the dirt trying to see the screen.
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One other point= the 20D and the 20Da do suffer from amp glow and the 40D doesn't.
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