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Originally posted by Astroman
Thanks, would be good if they could turn that filter on and off from the menu. Would be a magic camera and they would sell billions of them.
Actually, I am sure I have heard Canon have been experimenting with a electronically switchable filter. I think the idea is the sensor is rapidly switched from red/green/blue and each pixel read 3 times so that a true RGB image is built. I am not sure if the have been successful but I believe they hold a patent with this method. Possibly you could turn the filter off completely for true monochrome.

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Just out of interest, does the 300D have movie feature? i thought i remember reading it somewhere but now can't find anything that confirms it. And if so what are the parametres ie. file types, limit on duration, sound? Cheers
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No movie, just 4 quick shot single shot. No sound either.
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4 frames per second and then when the cache is full its around 1 frame per second after that i have found. It all depends on how quickly the camera can write to the compact flash card for how many frames it can do.
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