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Canon DSLR power supply

Iíve being looking for an alternative power supply instead of using batteries or 240v for my Canon 20D, from what Iím reading on the forum here it appears that other people looking for the same type thing a 12VDC power supply using your car cigarette lighter socket . This may be the answer? I'll know next week when i get all the parts and try it out. http://www.danielmccauley.com/datasheets/datasheet_8vsupply01.pdf
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Laurie I can highly recommend it, as I built one for Houghy last year.
He sent me the article and I put it together for him.
See this thread: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...ighlight=power

Works flawlessly and I'm thinking of building one for myself.

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Don't really know if it's relevant, but I presently use a 1000d for imaging, and it's powered by a Jaycar pre-settable 12VDC-xVDC power supply that puts out a nominal 7.5V, although my digital multimeter says it's 8.01 volts steady. If you're interested, I can find the PN.

I then bought on Ebay a Canon external AC power pack which included the battery gizmo and the power cord. I cut the connection to the AC supply bizzo and soldered on a socket from Jaycar to match the plug on the 12V supply. Can send you details also.

To cut a long story short, for about $40, I have a good 12V external supply for my 1000d. Works well.

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I've done the same as mldee but feed the Canon battery gizmo with a 2 cell LiPo battery = 7.4v for portability.
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I had a look at the schematic. It really needs some over volts protection on the output...lets say a 10Volt zener...and maybe some over current foldback!

His cct really need some extra output protection...you cannot be too careful with you camera.
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Thanks for the feed back the way I’ve decided to go is the quick and easy way with the Regulated DC-DC Converter with an Output voltage of 7.5 from jaycar the same as Mike and the canon dc-400 coupler that I ordered from the UK on the weekend. (Only $10 how cheap is that)
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