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Spectra of the planets

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has (or would) take a spectral measurement of the planets? I'm really interested in determining the "true" colour of the planets (others like Christophe Pellier have already measured Uranus and Neptune), but I'm interested in the spectra of Mars also.

Has anyone done this (or does anyone want to do this )? I only have a colour camera (ASI224MC) which I don't think is compatible with something like the SA100 or SA200, but maybe it is.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Andrew! Colour really only has meaning to us within the visible spectrum, outside that it's really just wavelength even though we invent descriptions like ultraviolet and infrared. So I don't think we can have any idea of the "true" colour of Uranus unless we have visual sensitivity to the whole range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I had a bit of a play-around with the optical (visual) spectrum of Uranus once, obtained with a DSLR and an SA100 grating. I suspect that what I did was self-fulfilling in that the DSLR sensor 'assigns' a colour to Uranus, I then split that colour with a grating, and then put that back together to give a colour for Uranus! Anyway, it was a bit of fun!

Cheers -
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Your camera would work with the grating.
Remember without a slit, the grating resolution is only as good as the size of the target, smaller the target, better the results i.e. stellar images.
Check out our webpage for details:
http://www.astronomicalspectroscopy.com/objects.html (down the page for Planets)
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Thanks for that, I’ll certainly look closer ...
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