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Downloading images from camera

Here's a shortcut I stumbled on tonite, experimenting:

I use a Canon EOS 300D to take multiple images of DSOs. My memory card holds 1 GB of data. The camera comes with a cable to download the images from the memory card onto a PC.

On average. I take 50-60 shots in one session, download them, then use DeepSkyStacker to stack them - the results are (to me, anyway) awesome.

Problem was, however, that it took ages to download all those images using the supplied cable. So, I bought a cheap ($35 or so) card reader from Dick Smith, remove the memory card after each session, stick the card into the reader and connect the reader to the PC.

Download speed increased dramatically, about 5 times as fast as via a cable alone.

Worth the $35 if you dont like waiting!

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hmm good idea actually - the camera is only USB1.1 so it takes ages to download the photos.

Most new card readers are USB2, so by transferring from the card alone, it will be much quicker!

Great idea and thanks for the tip.
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I now use the card reader all the time, (windows vista doesn't support the Canon 400D yet) , it prevents your batteries dying on you in the camera whist downloading and you can be getting ready for another target without moving the camera, handy if you haven't taken your flats yet...
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Yep that's how I've been doing it from the start, it's so much quicker.
On my main system I have a built in card reader in a 3.5" drive bay that can read 6 different types of memory cards.
Very handy.

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I'm not surprised that Rocket Boy and Astroman have been using this technique for awhile - I am as thick as 2 planks when it comes to using anything but cheapo, point & shoot cameras, and just learning this trick has been the results of months of image-taking!

But I'm glad that Mike found it useful - makes me feel a bit better anyway (cos he's so good at most things astronomical!).

Thx guys!
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i have always used a card reader.
they are are great idea
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