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Old 23-07-2010, 01:45 PM
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from the guys at centralds ;

Hello Gavin Cato,

Thanks for your inquiry.
5D mark2 need to cool the CMOS but the inner structure of 5D mark2 is troublesome to cooling modify.
And currently we are cooling modify only 40D,50D.

Yes we ship to Australia via EMS.

Best regards,

Yun Lee

3F, 20-3 YongDu-Dong Jung-Gu,
DaeJeon City, South Korea
tel: +82-42-321-5862 fax:+82-42-253-5065
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Old 23-07-2010, 01:55 PM
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Yes that's about right - dedicated astro ccds the size of the 5D use the Kodak KAI11002 chip (should be approx same size as the 5D but 11 megapixels due larger pixels therefore should be lower noise and more sensitive).

There are now several companies that make a 11002 chipped camera.
Second SBIG STL11 (these use the 11002 chip) are about US$5500-6500 now and typically have filters installed already for that price.

The SBIG is probably the best bang for your buck 2nd hand because it is a proven brand, comes with filter wheel built in and filters (worth about $1800), will self autoguide (saves on a guide camera and guide scope and rings - another AUD$1000), software to control the camera (worth about AUD$600 if you buy it), a nice Pelican case (worth about AUD$400) and does fabulous images with super high resolution.

The 5D Mk11 with a decent lens is about AUD$5000 so its close but the 5D is a bit cheaper. The 5D though needs to be modded to work well in astrowork and thats another US$450 + shipping (Hutech or Hap Griffin)
plus the filter choice you replace the Canon one with (another US$150 I suppose).

So in the end the SBIG is cheaper. You add the 5D, the mod, the adapters needed to fit it to the scope, probably needs a focus attachment, needs the filter, then it needs a guide scope and camera and you are over or at the SBIG 2nd hand price. The 5D once modded is not 100% for terrestial shots in colour and if you do you need an Xnite CC1 filter which is another US$100 or so.

The next size up is the KAI16803 chip and that is bigger money - the Apogee U16M is one of the cheaper versions at only US$9900 or so. Plus GST and shipping and it also needs a filter wheel, 50mm square filters so add another AUD$3000 there plus it needs a guide scope and autoguider and it needs software to run it, adapters to mount it, a case (not included) so you aren't going to get a lot of change from AUD$20,000!.

But what superb images it takes!

If you want to enter the CCD game the best bag for your buck is the SBIG ST8300M (8.3mp and M stands for mono) at "only" US$1995 or thereabouts. That's a lot of camera for that price. It will need filter wheel and does not self guide so you need guide scope and guide camera so add another say $2000 for that lot if not a bit more.

So perhaps that is the best $ for $ competitor for the Canon 5D in astrowork.

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Old 19-05-2013, 04:20 PM
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Modding 5D's

I find the 5D's a breeze to take apart unlike the MKll
where I found half the screws impossible to undo
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