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ToupTek Photonics


Any experience of these products????
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They are on ali express, seem reasonab;y riced and the cmos are the same as what you get on the zwo, however the cooling on the cmos are fan only not tec.
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There are some with TEC cooling
ATR3CCD Series 2"+M42x0.75 USB3.0 TE-Cooling CCD Camera

No mention of ASCOM compliance
So will they work with any of our astroimaging software ? - possibly not

Possibly useful depending on what you are trying to achieve, but Im just guessing that full integration like with an SBIG, FLI etc might not be possible
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I am not sure your interest includes planetary but the correlations here may flow to DSO cameras as well or simply be of interest to other beginners looking at basic planetary imagers. I have recently used the basic Toupcam gpcmos1200kpc and its kit to get some planetary images (in the holiday snapshot sort of league) inspired by the Mars approach. The native driver that come with the ToupTec and the Toupsky software does not seem to recognize ZWO cameras and visa versa if you go through Firecapture. Sure that could be easily overcome with appropriate ASCOM drivers etc. I saw significant amp glow when imaging the moon (as in a hot central area like there was an incandescent globe in use). It may just be my settings but I suspect, there is more amp glow in the basic uncooled Toupcams compared to their ZWO counterparts but, my even more recently acquired ZWO, has yet to be used on the moon where amp glow seemed an issue with my Toupcam. That is not to say you cannot get some good images with the Toupcam.

Although am not nearly experienced enough and too time poor to do a proper comparison so ymmd my impression is the more pricey ZWO ASI 120MC-S camera gives a better image than the basic kit toupcam. I have attached two AS!2 and registax 6 processed toupcam images covering Jupiter and Saturn (longer imaging period used for Saturn) and an initial Jupiter image from ZWO AS 120MC-S: JupJul 10 ASI_210808_g4_ap12.jpg all taken in short imaging sessions using an ETX-105
Attached Thumbnails
Click for full-size image (Saturn2018june_g3_ap17 first stak slight crop (2).jpg)
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Click for full-size image (Jup_better-0001_F16157-16457_g4_ap17 as12color normized.jpg)
7.5 KB21 views
Click for full-size image (JupJul 10 ASI_210808_g4_ap12.jpg)
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According to ToupTek they have ASCOM drivers available....
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Often sold rebadged as Altair, Prostar (from Astroshop) and others. Works ok on Windows but hard to get working on Linux. No drivers for Linux other than x86 or x64 and even then I had to mess around with different driver versiosn
I've got the GCMOS1200KB
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We have this model at work:

I've been thinking of borrowing it for a night once I get a mount worth pushing it with. I'm currently going with a Nextar6 AZ. The Cam comes with nosepieces for telescopes and microscopes.

We use it at work for running microscope slides into the AV system (Uni). The above model may be a bit downmarket compared to OP's, but I'm happy to investigate things if asked.
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