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Canon 550D full spectrum mod.

Hey guys.
I've decided to do a full spectrum mod on my 550D, And while I am fully confident in doing the mod myself I have come up to the point of removing the filters and am somewhat confused.. I was of the impression that I could simply remove the IR filter put the camera back together and be done with it. However from what I now gather, it would seem that I also have to remove the "Low pass filter 1" that is connected to the piezoelectric element and replace it with clear glass. Is this necessary? Can I just remove the IR filter and get a good result, or should I order some clear glass to replace the low pass filter 1? I would prefer to just remove the IR filter but if I'm not going to get the full benefit of filter removal I suppose I can wait for some clear glass.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: For clarification, I don't care about auto focus, this is a dedicated astro camera.
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You could leave LP1 in place if you wish, it has a spectrum pass similiar to a uv/ir cut filter but still allows Ha through. The blue cast LP2 should come out. Be aware that LP1 has an anti-alysing function and removal can improve sharpness slightly. Therevis alot of info on this subjectvinbthe old threads, just do a search through the DIY forum.
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You can:
1. Just remove the IR filter (LP2). As Glen already mentioned leaving LP1 may lead to possible slight loss of sharpness.
2. Remove LP1 and LP2. That's what I did with my 1200D. No need to even install the frames back.
3. Replace the LP1 with glass. Astronomik MC clear is the one to use. I am doing this on my 450D but only because it will be cooled to zero and I want to prevent fogging of the sensor.

My suggestion, go with option 2 and remove everything
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