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Old 20-06-2019, 09:19 AM
Startrek (Martin)
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Astronomy, you wonít know until you try

I sold my old 10Ē dob late last year to my daughters father-in-law as he had some interest in astronomy ( only reading books etc..) and wanted to take the next step.
He wasnít confident at all using the telescope ( even though I showed him previously, in the day time, plus gave him notes etc... )so it stayed in his garage for months and months
He asked me recently could I come over on a clear night and do some observing. So last light I went over to his place and we rolled the scope out into his backyard ( itís on a flat trolley).I suggested he try everything himself first, select an eye piece, use finder , star hop , point and find , focus etc....and Iíll guide and help
He was absolutely amazed when he found Omega Centauri, like a kid in a lolly shop !!
Heís nearly 70 years of age
He went on to look at few bright stars , Jupiter with moons , Saturn and a few others
He was totally hooked !!
I gave him the link to Cloud Free Night , so at the end of our observing session we had a cup of tea inside out of the cold and heís eagerly checking on his iphone to see when the next clear night will be. I also asked him to download Stellarium on his laptop to assist in finding objects , again he was amazed at the detail in this planetarium.
I suppose the moral to the story is ďAstronomy, you wonít know until you tryď
Itís great to see a man of his age with such excitement and enthusiasm. That telescope could have stayed in the garage for years and years never to be used , but something clicked and prompted him to ask me to come over.
A great night for both of us !
An Amazing hobby !!
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Old 20-06-2019, 10:07 AM
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Thats great..and at seventy even☺
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Old 20-06-2019, 11:12 AM
inline_online (Dan)
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I love that story. Makes me very happy.
Another moral to that story is: It's never too late!
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Old 20-06-2019, 12:53 PM
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sil (Steve)
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same I've seen happen with many interests. Most hinderances is that people have preconceived assumptions so dont even bother to try something new when the opportunity arises.
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Old 20-06-2019, 01:13 PM
Life is looking up!

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Originally Posted by inline_online View Post
I love that story. Makes me very happy.
Another moral to that story is: It's never too late!
Your right inline, it is never too late. I took up a new hobby of photography at the age of 60. Struggled with it for a while, then decided to get serious about photography by doing a Bachelor of Arts (Photography).

Cheers Peter

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Old 25-06-2019, 12:33 AM
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simon_rl (Simon)
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Originally Posted by inline_online View Post
I love that story. Makes me very happy.
Another moral to that story is: It's never too late!

I am totally with Dan on this. Your story put a big smile on my dial.
Thanks heaps for sharing Martin.
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Old 25-06-2019, 03:03 AM
Ukastronomer (Jeremy)
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I take issue with the comment "a man of his age"

I am 62, I FEEL and act 21, I ride, have just serviced our 4 bikes MTBs, 2 of my sons and 2 of mine.

There are OLD people under 40 and YOUNG people over 70,............. is there this assumption that when you are OLD (what is old) you give up
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Old 25-06-2019, 06:03 AM
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Hi Jeremy
I am glad you have such a great attitude.

I have met men who at 50 I would call old..

I am 72 and that number just seems wrong as I dont feel that age...my crook legs restrict me a bit because they feel like I am up to my knees in boiling water..all the time...I dont think of it as pain anymore but it is just annoying cause it is always there..I dont take pain killers simply because I dont want my driving impaired and to get reliable feed back when I should rest. ..they really start to burn to the point where I have to back off...if that were masked I think I could over do things.
I do find astronomy difficult because I am not too flash with computing but rather than throw my hands up as old folk do I simply grind away until this or that problem is overcome and just keep chipping away...addmittedly I am slower but I get there and frankly looking around me at people half my age I find most of them do not know as much about computers as I do.
And I do think it is important to keep educating yourself..I study history (and by necessity with such a pursuit religion) non stop ...and I like to read about cosmology and physics both classic and the other stuff☺ even maths which I am usless at..but I read the index of maths books to know what they talk about at least...with a realisation that each line of an index probably represents a multitude of lifetime works to develop that branch of maths...and music..particularly stuff I dont like simply to know about trends...last night I was into the world of rc car racing and how to run in a motor and the associated complexity of that world...
But the way it goes...someone says I want to do this or that and this is a signal for every negative person he knows to start offerring advice...when I wanted to be the oldest man to sail around the world no one said to me " now that is a great idea" and all they could say was it would be too hard..too hard in this day and age of push button navigation and food in a can and unsinkable boats...the money could be a problem but hey you have croud funding these days...I decided against it only because I just cant fit it in...I want to spend my time with my Dad and daughter really.

Jeremy you certainlt are not old and hopefully you never grow old.
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Old 25-06-2019, 10:01 PM
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muletopia (Chris)
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Not old, just years on earth

I am with Martin's daughter's father in law.
Nearly 5 years ago as a birthday present for my own 70th birthday I bought myself a Mewlon 210 , a Canon 60Da and a HEQ5-pro. My first Telescope,camera and mount ever.
Since then I have enjoyed myself. The Mewlon now lives on a pier on a Mesu mount 200 and is controlled by Sitech with CDC planetarium. What a joy.
The setup gets used every clear night.

I hope Martins pupil has the same happy path in front of him.

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Old 26-06-2019, 02:11 PM
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JRX82 (James)
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Great story.
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