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Paramount ME II

Will carry 104kg !


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Going to be some good deals on used Paramount ME's floating about shortly.

Sounds pretty good.
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"Introductory price…. (drum roll please)…. $12,750.00"
Thats less than the price I've seen for used ME's!!
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Wow that will make a big impact. Price looks nice and cabling without the need to remove the scope is great too. Maybe in 5 years.
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mmm, interesting. More that a few pros recon Planewaves Ascension 200 mount is way better than the ME now (and support). But the ME2 now has the same load rateing as the 200, and at half the price !. Be interesting to see how this pans out.
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Looks like a huge PMX. The sticker on the base says MX.

The base looks the same as the PMX as well.

Very price competitive.

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'Performance meets or exceeds the ME in every respect'...

Good timing with the recent release of the AP1600GTO and well before any sniff of an EQ8... lots of options.

Go SB!
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Do want.

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I think I will just strap me and my binoculars onto the mount bar ...
Who needs a telescope ??
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