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Single Point DSLR Strap / Blackrapid

Thought this product might some be of use to the terrestrial photographers out there.
I ordered one from the US as it was cheaper than buying locally!!!!!


I got the RS4 and the T1 fastener( I have a monfroto tripod).
All up $87ish AUD!( USD $54 + USD $18 + USD $12 + conversion)
My nearest reseller/retailer is asking ~$80 + ~20 and then postage....
So I saved ~$15-20

Funny note ....My local Camerashop dude when asked if he had any in stock said ...." are you silly? having the camera upside down will make the mirror fall out, not to mention the SD card!"
I did fall for it for a few seconds......

B4 anybody says its not safe..... have a look at some of the reviews.
On top of that, just to be on the safe side I'll be looking at anchoring it via a small strap to the side! Not that I'm afraid!

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I like it. To be able to grab and shoot in one motion would be great. I'm constantly fighting with the traditional camera strap over my head and back as I move it from side to front to side again every time I want to shoot. Thanks for the info Mr. Bart.
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It's a shame they don't have a fastener for the Arca Swiss style quick release plates. I like to leave my L-bracket on all the time.
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I've had these straps for a few years. I've used the RS2 (not in manuf any more by the looks) on several overseas trips, walking around with camera over shoulder all day, every day. Performs wonderfully.

Recently got the RS7 because it's much slimmer.

Just noticed that T1 FastenR. Only just got an email about it. Would suit me, but to be honest I just hook the strap into the standard Manfrotto RC2 plate D-ring and it works fine. Never had an occasion where I felt it would disconnect. And I've had 70-200 f/2.8L IS and 100-400L hanging off it. No worries.
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