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Best Imaging device around $300

I have a Nikon D40 but had enough of the lack of software programs and the fact that I believe it needs to be modded before any real data can be captured, therefore it's only being used as my daily camera and the need for a good quality, well priced, all-round camera/ccd is needed.

I really only wanted to spend around the $300 (give or take for the right item) and it's to be used mainly for DSO's but if it can do Lunar and Planetary great.

Keen to hear suggestions.

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your best bet in that price range might be to watch ebay for a cheap 300D and mod it yourself
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I was watching ebay before I bought this 450D. Seemed to me people where paying close to the price you can buy them new ex-hong kong.

A cooled and modded webcam should come in under $300, if you can find one, or a meade DSI 2nd hand. optcorp have a couple of cameras in the second hand section.
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oh get a 300d ..you may be able to buy a modded one second hand for that much..much better then mucking around with a modded webcam

if that fails a second hand DSI II-but really the DSLR is heaps better IMHO
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theres a couple of modded 300D's in the trading section around 300 - 450... cant go wrong in my opinion.

The D40 shouldnt have too much trouble.... what programs cant you use with it? and what are you trying to do?

My D50 (the D40's predecessor despite a stupid naming convention) is capable, and using a remote shutter release, exposures are quite easily controlled... Dont give up on it just yet... but that being said. a modded canon will beat the pants off it for astro work...

I paid $270 for a modded spc900nc... not realising that a modded 300D would be $30 more, and apart from the 900nc's planetary prowess, for DSO's I should have bought a non modded 900nc and a 300D... would have been $450is for both..

My 2c. (however incoherent it may.. been up for a few too many hours.)
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Originally Posted by seeker372011 View Post
A second hand DSI II-but really the DSLR is heaps better IMHO
I agree, the 450D canon Images I'm getiing are so far removed from the DSI Images I was getting there is no comparison. But you get what you pay for ... and $300 buys **** all.

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If you really want to go in the deep end for DSOs and don't need the camera to do everyday stuff then this little item would be the bee's knees. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...ad.php?t=32412 Yessss it's a bit more than $300 and has a much smaller chip, but you could really wet your toes with tricolour imaging with it.
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Hi Mark, as what the others have said, push for a DSLR. If you can increase your budget abit, a 350D will be ideal. I have used both 300D and 350D. the transfer rate from USB2.0 (350D) as opposed to USB1.0 (300D) is a must.
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